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Providing A+ hospitality and services with every one of our parking facilities, we believe in making a first class impression. Our business begins and ends with the customers we serve and the landlords we partner with. Your trust is paramount, and we align all of our actions to foster and maintain these important relationships.

Customer Satisfaction

At Target Park we pride ourselves on our ability to provide an exceptional customer experience. Whether the parking facility is catering to a hospital, school, hospitality complex or office, the parking experience must be welcoming, safe and stress free. After all, the parking operation is usually the first and last point of contact a person has with a facility. We periodically distribute questionnaires at each of our locations, to our customers, in order to maintain our high caliber of service.

Target Park strives to maintain our customer’s satisfaction, offering a number of value added services and incentives:

  • State of the art, user-friendly parking equipment that allows for multiple payment methods for customer convenience.
  • Hand car wash and detailing facilities at many of our locations provides customers with a superior service at a much lower cost compared to our competition.
  • Preferred Club Membership offers several promotions to our customers. Accumulation of loyalty points provides incentives, such as free car care packages, complimentary oil and lube changes, discounted and/or complimentary monthly/daily rates and much more.
  • We offer a mix of creative incentives and cross-promotional discounts for our respective customers, landlords and charities.
  • We strive to provide a clean and safe environment, ensuring our lots are clean of snow and debris. Each of our facilities is well lit, and our staff is in uniform and trained to deal with emergencies.


Landlord Satisfaction

Target Park employs a diverse team of people, and we offer a full list of ancillary services. From snow, garbage and graffiti removal, power sweeping, landscaping, security patrols and municipal parking enforcement we can provide your properties and businesses with the care, maintenance and security they need.

We approach all of our business dealings with professionalism, integrity and flexibility, building strong partnerships with our landlords. We structure our ventures to suit the needs of our partners, clients and associates, as we seek new and dynamic approaches to solve their complex problems. With this in mind, Target Park has developed the following key strategies:

  • In exceeding landlord’s expectations, we all benefit. Our partnership approach is an essential component of our landlord relationships, repeatedly proving that our philosophy of teamwork generates results.
  • Our low management pyramid is structured to reflect our belief in a short sleeve, hands-on approach to business. This allows us to respond effectively to challenges and the constantly changing market attributes, as well as the ongoing needs of our customers and landlords.
  • As prudent operators we add value to properties by increasing revenues, reducing expenses, creating new diversified profit centres within parking operations (for example, ATM revenue, ancillary car wash and Park2Fly services etc), redesigning and/or constructing additions to existing parking facilities.
  • Custom tailored agreements are prepared for each of our landlords’ properties. Approaching each property on an individual basis using trusted proprietary techniques in combination with innovative and dynamic thinking uncovers the best possible solutions.