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Chapter 9: Trayvon — Intercourse, adore, and Like in Prison5

What’s love got to complete along with it?

Had been we ever in deep love with Trayvon, or was i simply letting him have just just just what he desired from me personally to obtain the assistance & security i desired from him? Ended up being Trayvon actually in love beside me, or did he simply wish sex and usage of my canteen account?

Considering Trayvon — yes, their love ended up being genuine, and stayed real also we saw each other as I was writing this over six months after the last time. I believe from it that way: I became not really the obvious older white guy for him to begin striking on if all he desired would be to mooch down someone. I will be a rather stingy old coot and Trayvon learned that in the beginning. Additionally, in it to mooch he’d have kicked my memory to the curb and found another sugar daddy ASAP when I left — but six months later that did not seem to have happened if he was just. Therefore I think there clearly was one thing genuine whenever he will say, “There’s only 1 man I’m totally fucked up over around here, and that’s you, Z! ”

Think about me personally? Right right Here the clear answer is — no, I became never ever in deep love with Trayvon and I’m perhaps perhaps perhaps not now. I happened to be whilst still being have always been in deep love with my now ex-wife. But I happened to be but still have always been in as with Trayvon. Whenever he’d let me know he adored me personally and attempt to get us to react in sort, that’s what i usually told him: “I don’t love you, Trayvon, but I’m positively in as with you. (more…)