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Perkins Loan Disclosure Federal Perkins Loan funds should be employed for academic expenses only in addition to loan(s) should be repaid.

Your Federal Perkins Loan is really a financial obligation owed into the University of Idaho. Please contact Gayle Bryngelson (208-885-5571) with any inquiries.

Your Federal Perkins Loan eligibility is dependent on your overall aid package that is financial. Any other type of gift aid, or increased Federal Direct Loans, your eligibility for Perkins may be decreased or eliminated if you receive additional aid, including outside scholarships, institutional scholarships.

Notice and Explanation concerning the end to availability that is future of through the Federal Perkins Loan system:
Per the alterations in the Extension Act, effective December 18, 2015, schools taking part in the Perkins Loan Program could make Perkins Loans as specified below. But, all Federal Perkins loans are scheduled to get rid of following the 2017-2018 scholastic 12 months.

Undergraduate Pupils

September 30, 2017

Qualified present undergraduate pupil

Has a superb stability on a Perkins Loan created by the college.

All Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan help which is why the pupil is eligible.


A college could make Perkins Loans through: To an: Who, in the date of disbursement: In the event that school has granted the pupil: