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To best serve the evolving needs of our customers and partners, Target Park stays apprised of new technologies within the parking industry and abroad. We also dedicate a significant amount of our resources to research and development, designing proprietary technologies to reinvent the parking industry and its effective management.

Our current parking payment system is online and all transactions take place in real time. Our software suite provides instant access to all transactions for easy auditing by both landlord and our operations team.

Our list of products is vast and flexible, including:

  • Handheld Parking Ticket Devices
  • Pay N Display
  • Pay by Stall
  • Transponder Systems
  • Proxy Cards
  • Pre-paid Reloadable Payment Cards and/or Gift Cards
  • Pay on Foot
  • Pay by Phone
  • Proxy Cards
  • MasterCard Paypass
  • Proprietary Technology Integration (Smart cards, Contactless Access Cards, Student and Membership Cards)
  • ParkVueTM Parking Control Solutions – Target Park’s proprietary parking management solution