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We are proud to introduce the ParkVue™ Parking Control Solutions, Target Park’s proprietary parking management solution. A powerful and innovative way to manage your parking facility, the ParkVue system was developed to provide increased security, ironclad financial controls and the highest levels of customer service. All this while creating a user friendly, unobtrusive customer experience.

The ParkVue Control System is a complete parking management solution composed of the following integrated components, combined to create a synergistic solution benefitting any parking facility.


ParkVue Photon Server Array

The ParkVue system is a remotely monitored parking management system that is based on Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology. All components of the ParkVue system are integrated through our Photon© Server Array, which consists of more than 10 local and remote servers that provide reliability through multi-level redundancy protocols.

ParkVueTM  Singularity Parking Command Centre Software

At the heart of the ParkVue system is our Singularity Facility Command Centre Software. All parking data and communication streams are fed to and managed from here. Running on a full fiber optic backbone with Mobile Wireless Network and ADSL backup networks, all aspects of this system have been designed with the intent of optimizing reliability through redundancy.

Singularity monitors all facility data that it receives and can automatically identify and notify staff of any potential issues before they become critical. Highly trained Customer Service Agents are empowered through Singularity to manage and rectify any manner of customer or equipment issue/malfunction quickly and courteously.

ParkVue Binary Automatic License Plate Recognition System

Binary Automatic License Plate Recognition System cameras are the eyes of our system and are strategically installed at each of the ingress and egress points to capture and accurately read each and every license plate entering and exiting the parking facility. Our configuration includes dual front and rear vantage point cameras. This unique configuration has allowed Quantum to achieve a 99.3% read accuracy rate and also solves the issue of vehicles from other states and provinces, which are not required to have a front license plate.

ParkVue Continuum Local ALPR Server

All ParkVue local installations are designed with the same redundancy fail-safes as our Command Centre. Three tiered network connectivity to deal with service interruptions, locally installed Continuum ALPR Server that provides full functionality of the system even in the event of a complete communication failure and full analogue control of vital components such as the barrier gates through a standard telephone line should the need arise.

ParkVue Albedo Parking Registration Portal

Our Albedo Parking Registration Portal is a secure web-based application that offers a user-friendly interface for the purpose of providing Guests with parking facility access by registering their vehicle details, length of stay etc. Albedo is accessible from any internet capable PC or mobile device.

ParkVue Albedo Parking Validation Kiosk

Our Albedo Parking Validation Kiosk is a sleek stand alone self-serve kiosk where event attendees are able to validate their parking according to the pre-established specifications laid out by hotel staff at the time of event creation into our Unity Event Management System. For example, rate($), authorized parking period etc. This simple interface requires license plate input and event code input to complete a parking validation.

ParkVue Unity Event Management System

ParkVue’s Unity event management system was designed with the hospitality industry in mind. This intelligent application provides Event/Banquet management staff with a seamless method of managing all of their Event attendee’s parking needs. From Event creation, tracking and reporting, to remote Attendee pre-registrations this system has all scenarios covered. In addition, it was designed to be a unifying catalyst, allowing the Hotel Management Team and the Parking Management Team to work as one through the seamless communication of events, expected turnout, rates and event schedules in real time.