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Project management is not a new area. Market leaders working with large volumes have been using specialized software solutions for business organization and project management for a long time. The giant companies are actively introducing new technologies, allocating serious funds for IT. And this is not just an image or a race after a fashion. This is a necessity. If you want to earn more, you must invest more. The popular story that the CEO of a holding company has no idea what is being done in his departments is just a story. Also don’t forget that you always have the option to order moving estimate software.


Where are the customers?

As a rule, managers of medium-sized companies find it necessary to improve the skills of their employees and are interested in controlling executive discipline, but they do not have the tools to do so. Plannings, briefings, reports in words or in Excel – nothing more. And for this reason, because of a certain lack of coordination, the CRM-system is simply not enough. As a rule, this or that company loses customers because managers violate the regulations of work. For example, they do not send the necessary marketing materials in time, do not make timely calls. As a result, the customer simply forgets about the company or “cools down”, not wanting to return to the proposal made.

It also happens that a company has no regulations for working with clients at all. Many of the steps employees take for granted. However, sometimes reality and expectations are very different: what is obvious to the head of the company is not necessarily understood by the employee. Hence the long meetings … no Project management in the case of building and controlling relationships with customers is an important and fundamental point. After all, a “project” is a certain plan with a sequence of actions, deviation from which is not good for business.

What kind of management is this?

What can the project management system give the company? First and foremost, improved executive discipline. The manager will be able to give orders to “Ivanov, Petrov, and Sidorov” not over lunch, during a break, or over the phone, but in the system, and then he can see how things are going on his order at any time.

No to the Middle Ages

By and large, everything that is embedded in today’s project management programs is focused on improving the quality of executive discipline. Employees often complain about overload at work, cannot prepare in time for a meeting, do not have the tools to build reports. Consequently, tensions grow, and everything is reduced to just postponing meetings, memos on yellow sheets and other “medieval” stuff.

Executive discipline

The manager finally gets rid of the obligation to “have to remember everything”. Having several accounting points allows the manager to be automatically informed about the status of any order at the right intervals. Keeping information on every contract in your head is extremely difficult, and finding the culprits is even more difficult.

CRM and project management

Why is it recommended to use not just a CRM system by itself, but to link it with a project management program? The point is that CRM-system is focused on fixing contacts, plans and results, it can not tell the employee how to act in a particular situation. After all, CRM-system – a scheduler tasks, but not an instructor, which will help orient the employee (and even a novice).

Project management software in conjunction with a CRM system allows you to create a logical procedure and schedule a sequence of steps not only for one employee, but also for the entire group of people involved in the project. And it’s not just a sequence in a simplified sense, but a full-fledged scenario with cues. For example, if the client has requested an invoice, the employee follows a specific chain of actions (branch), but if the client has requested a quote, the scenario changes and the employee’s steps will be built differently.

Using such a tandem of programs, you can not only create regulations of work with clients and employees, but also control the management of the work process in automatic mode. As a result, the quality of company management increases. Or, to be more specific, the company stops losing customers because of a simple human factor.

Even for beginners!

If you approach the organization of software implementation competently and write out all the scenarios, then you can safely speak, for example, about building a full-fledged strategy for managing the sales department. It is said that the adaptation of new personnel is smoother and more effective, because new employees are not sitting next to their “senior” colleagues in the shop and are not learning the principles of the company “on their knees”. They are ready to enter into a dialogue with the client much earlier than the employees who are not armed with management tools. Yes, of course, you can’t do without proper communication skills when working with clients, but even a “solid average guy” can become a master of sales if he uses useful project management software.