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Established in 2006 to service a neglected market within the parking industry, Target Park identifies and revitalizes facilities and spaces that are either inefficiently operated or whose commercial parking potential has yet to be realized. Focused on creating new opportunities and successful operations for our partners along with improving the parking experience for our customers, Target Park is the experienced provider of first class, forward thinking parking experiences.

A commercial parking operator, Target Park manages parking facilities, finances their design and development, and provides consultation to landlords with respect to all parking and property management related matters. We embrace a short-sleeve protocol, and we know how to get things done.

We believe in fair market parking values. In today’s landscape, parking operators are either attempting to pry away parking facilities from one another by simply increasing the ante or expanding their market share by acquiring other companies. For the betterment of property owners as well as the parking industry, it is vital that we, as prudent operators, become more creative in our approach and add value to the properties we manage.

A few fundamental objectives inform how we approach each parking facility, all of which are essential to our mutual success:
> Customer Satisfaction
> Landlord Satisfaction
> Employee Satisfaction
> Environmental Responsibility
> Effective and Efficient Operations
> Community Involvement
> Research and Technology

Target Park values the relationships we develop. Our success stems from our relentless effort in approaching each property as if it were our own, keeping partners apprised and involved at all times. We have repeatedly proven that our philosophy of teamwork generates results.